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With the Atlantic to the north and the Mediterranean to the south, Spain boasts a broad array of dive options. From big blue sharks prowling the Bay of Biscay off the rugged northern coast to colorful gorgonians waving gently in the warm clear waters of the much milder Mediterranean, there is something here to tempt divers of all persuasions.

Latest Dive Photos from Spain

Spain Sea Life

There is an incredible variety of marine life in Spain’s waters, from huge sea bass to tiny nudibranchs. Shimmering mackerel come in massive schools, bringing macro predators of all types. You can see whales, dolphins, and sometimes even sharks on your dives. Huge barracuda are common, especially around the many wrecks in these waters. Farther out, you can see tremendous grouper and tuna, a spellbinding sight.

How to Get There

Flying in to Spain is easiest, if you are venturing in from afar, but you can also arrive by train or by sea. The metro systems in major cities are extensive and easy to follow, and you can take a taxi or rent a car to get out to more far flung locales.

Best Scuba Diving in Spain

Costa Del Sol Andalucia

As you can imagine, shipwrecks are common in this rocky, narrow region of the Mediterranean. Near Gibraltar there are several excellent boats to see, ranging in age from more recent to hundreds of years old. There are even Spanish Galleons offshore, still holding onto their scattered cargo for all this time.Get up close and personal with some astounding marine life...


Spain is one of the best European countries for diving. All along its coast, you will find dive shops and a variety of underwater environment. Of its coastal areas, Catalonia arguably offers the best diving. Here, you can find a wide range of wrecks, underwater mountains and corals in a warm and safe environment. For ease of discussion, Catalonia’s dive sites can be...

Costa Blanca Valencia

Diving is hugely developed along the Costa Blanca, and there are dive shops dotting the entire coastline. This vast stretch holds countless dive sites.Shipwrecks scatter the Murcia area, and caves are common near Alicante. Because of the diverse array of caverns in the region, this makes for a stellar spot to get your more advanced certifications. Just a heads up...

Canary Islands

The Fortunate (for Divers) Islands Best Scuba Diving Spots in Canary Islands La Catedral The Arona La Restinga La Burrera Cuevo Del Palm Mar Canary Islands Sea Life From octopi to timid rays, you will see an exceptional amount of marine life during your vacation on the Canary Islands. Some of the eels here are out of this world, boasting vibrant colors and patterns...

Balearic Islands

There are some 80 different dive sites around the Balearic Islands and divers can choose to dive from Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza or Formentera. Most of the diving is land-based but there is also a liveaboard option. All around, visibility is usually very good averaging at 100ft (30m). High season for visiting the islands is during July to September when the water...