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The Greeks have long had an intimate relationship with the sea and it continues today. With more than 240 inhabited islands and a significant coastline, you’ll find a wide variety of diving that includes wall, wreck, cavern and reef.

Latest Dive Photos from Greece

Greece Sea Life

The Aegean and Ionian Seas have a wonderful collection of nudibranchs, invertebrates, crabs, shrimp, eels, seahorses and other easily overlooked critters. If you’re bent on seeing the big stuff, there’s a good chance you can get your fix off Galaxidi on the deep Gulf of Corinth where dolphin and sea turtles are seen. Plus, reef sharks come here to breed and give birth, so keep an eye out for pregnant mothers. Night diving is particularly interesting because that’s when cuttlefish, conger eels and octopus venture out of their daytime lairs.

How to Get There

Greece is accessible by land, sea, or air. Athens International Airport is the main international air hub. Alternatively, take the train for a memorable ride, or arrive via ship. Getting around Greece is just as simple. Taxis and public transportation can take you wherever you need to go.

Best Scuba Diving in Greece



With over a dozen major islands, the Cyclades has dive sites, galore. Up until fairly recently, diving was highly regulated, often making it nearly impossible to go on a recreational dive. Now, scuba diving has been opened up considerably, offering new opportunities to explore this relatively unexplored region.Shipwrecks can be found throughout the region. One of the...

Dodecanese Islands

One of the most spectacular dives on the Dodecanese Islands is the Cave of Seal. Found off of Rhodes Island, divers enter the cave to discover families of seals greet and interact with you.There are many dive shops on the developed islands, especially on the most populated island of Rhodes. Many sites on the island are good for beginners and training, but are still...


There are dive shops dotting the entire shoreline of Crete, so you won’t have a hard time finding a suitable place to drop anchor. The surprisingly clear blue waters of the Mediterranean beckon divers from around the world.There are dives on Crete that run the gamut of experience levels, from newbies to masters. A particular favorite activity is night diving, taking...

Ionian Islands

With so many islands to choose from, you’ll be hard pressed to make it to every one of them. Some of the best sites can be found on Corfu, Lefkada, and Zakynthos. Many of these waters are protected by a marine park, providing a safe and productive place for sea life to thrive.Corfu has a great wreck to see. The HMS Regulus was sunk in 1945, and boasts a huge anchor...

North Aegean

Though there are only nine islands in the North Aegean they are widely dispersed; you will probably have to pick and choose between them, which is heartbreaking.One place you should definitely go is Chios, one of the top rated diving areas in all of Greece. You can tour shipwrecks, peruse underwater caverns, and swim alongside tremendous sea walls. The most widely...


Loutraki is one of the highest recommended regions in the Peloponnese peninsula for diving, offering splendid variety. The Andros Wreck is one of the most famous wrecks in the country because of its easy access and shallow depth, allowing plenty of light to filter down. Bring your camera, you are definitely going to want to grab a shot of this beauty.Check out the...