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Imagine a Mediterranean island bathed in warm, clear blue water. Long, sandy beaches punctuate the predominantly indented and rocky coastline, and the culture and cuisine are unmistakably Mediterranean. This is Cyprus, and it’s nestled in the northeast corner of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. From simple, sandy-bottom dives for beginners to epic deep dives, the island’s diving offers something for everyone.

Latest Dive Photos from Cyprus

Cyprus Sea Life

Indigenous life flourishes among the rocky shorelines and outcrops around Cyprus. This warm corner of the Mediterranean offers divers an exciting diversion from the usually cold temperatures and deep, dark waters. Plenty of fish, crustaceans, octopus and eels can be found on the reefs, and further out, you can encounter dolphins. Green and loggerhead turtles are regular visitors, especially in breeding season. And a reserve near Akrotiri brings divers face-to-face with groupers, moray eels, bream and bass. Plus, the astounding collection of sponges and soft and hard corals, paired with their ever present entourage of fish, is idyllic in the shimmering blue light.

How to Get There

Many people that visit Cyprus come on a cruise or tour, but there is an abundance of options for independent travelers. You can fly directly in or take a boat. There are two main international airports in Cyprus, Larnaca International and Paphos International. Restrictions have eased on crossing the border between both halves of Cyprus, so land travel is a cinch.

Best Scuba Diving in Cyprus


Scuba diving off the coast of Famagusta gives you the opportunity to take a trip through history. The water here is warm and crystal clear, with seemingly endless visibility. The otherworldly blue hue of the water permeates everything, permeating the environment with vibrancy.Go to Green Bay to see ancient Greek statues and pottery from an age long ago. You can feed...


Step into the warm, bright blue waters of the Mediterranean. The comfortable weather is seemingly constant, and the winters here are much milder than surrounding areas.Kyrenia is the gateway to scuba diving on the northern coast of Cyprus. There are several dive centers in the city, taking you out to unforgettable dives. Some of the most popular dives in the region...


There are several dive shops in Paphos, one of which has been around for over 30 years. If that’s not a reliable and consistent establishment, I don’t know what is. The well versed shops will take you out to some of the most fascinating dives in Cyprus.Not far from the harbor is the Orphurus, a spellbinding series of overhangs and small caverns, showing off the...