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Surprising Croatia offers divers an unreal amount of scuba dives to take part in, with its many islands strewn out into the Adriatic. In total, you’ll find around 1000 of these islands in Croatia, all adorned with reefs, underwater caverns, pillars and canyons.

Latest Dive Photos from Croatia

Croatia Sea Life

You can see some fascinating coral in these waters. Rare black coral clings to Svetac, and reefs can be found around many of the islands. There is plenty of wacky macro life to see, as well. Nudibranchs are common, as well as shrimps, crabs and massive starfish. Seahorses, Zeus Faber (John Dory), conger eels, tuna, scorpion fish, octopus, lobster and sole are fun to find. Plus, the array of odd worms will blow you away.

While seeing a massive creature is rare, there is still a chance you will run into a huge amberjack or a dusky grouper and maybe even a bottlenose dolphin.

How to Get There

Dubrovnik (DBV), Split (SPU) and Zadar (ZAD) are the major airports. Once in the country, get around via bus. If you buy your tickets at the tisak, or news stand, you will get a discounted price.

Best Scuba Diving in Croatia

Kvarner Bay

Kvarner Bay is an excellent outlet into the Adriatic Sea, gorgeous blue and crystal clear. The rocky coastline drops down to form fascinating formations, and shipwrecks lie quietly at the bottom of the gulf.Several favorite shipwrecks are the Lina, an Italian Merchant Ship, the TA 36, a destroyer, and the Peltastis, a Greek cargo ship. Technical divers will feel...


Diving within the Kornati National Park is an unforgettable experience. The geography of the underwater environment combined with abundant marine life make for exciting and unique dive sites. Unfortunately, diving in the Kornati National Park means adhering to strict guidelines set out by the Croatian government. A handful of dive operators are allowed within the...


Off Korčula are the calm and mostly gentle currents of the Adriatic Sea. Dive operators are mostly located at the south and the west of the island at quaint little towns like Vela Luka. Diving season is usually from May to November when the sea temperature is warmer, averaging at about 75˚F (24˚C) in the summer and sometimes dipping below 68˚F (20˚C) in the autumn...

Istrian Peninsula

Istrian Peninsula

Because Croatia makes up the vast majority of the Istrian Peninsula, it goes without saying that most of the dive sites you can enjoy in Istria can be found there. Wreck divers will rejoice in the surplus of vessels that are available for exploration. Several ships date back to the early 1900’s, like the Baron Gautsch and the Flamingo. The Coriolanus sank in 1945...